• Faith into Action

    Stop Inequality


    Fix Poverty!

    All religions, races, ethnic groups are welcomed and respected

  • Let's be Healers!

    Imagine a place where those in poverty, the homeless and the indigent, are able to re-create their lives and create positive strategies to fulfill their life missions...


    Welcome to God's Little World!

    Live Simulation Action Event!

    We Unite all People

    For many people to get on an airplane and embark into new worlds and encounter new opportunities to explore and grow is not unusual.


    To many in the world, this will never happen...until now...


    God’s Little World is an experience for those in poverty and those who are stuck in a box that aims to limit their lives...


    Instead, we re-create a little world where after a short "airplane ride" they enter into a new world, equipped with money, the opportunity for education, and the challenge to make our inequitable little world a better place!


    Our simulation provides a level playing field to explore the opportunity that God has for them in their life in an afternoon when the only limit is their imagination!



  • Press Release

  • Project-12

    Project-12 invites anyone who can serve as life-coaches to volunteer


    The coaches participate in the game as the other players, but they serve to help their "family teams" to place faith into action.


    Their "family" of three is comprised of the indigent population, and they help them with tactics and skills they learned in their life toward placing their faith into action to create a better world!

  • Join our Vision!

    We are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions as a

    501 (c) (3)


    "A great way to make the world a better place"

    Florida State University Participant



  • Upcoming Events

    Tucson, Arizona, Spring 2020



    Recent Events

    Burton Barr Central Library, Phoneix Arizona

    March 23, 2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Meeting Room A 1st Floor


    Places we have been

    Salvation Army

    Juvenile Detention Center, Tallahassee Florida

    YMCA, Houston

    Boy's and Girls Club, Fort Worth, Texas

    Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston (Peace and Justice)

    and more...

  • Sign-up to Volunteer!

    Events to be Held Across USA and Caribbean


    Tucson, Arizona
  • How Simulation Works

    A Program Dedicated to Change our World!



    Players are provided with a brief training to operate the simulated world. They are elected into roles and receive resources.



    Players enter into our inequitable simulated world and determine how they can create equality and fix poverty.



    Throughout the 2 hour game, we stop the simulation to allow players to reflect, and improve their strategies.

  • Meet our Board Members

    Our multi-skilled team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works to foster deep commitment toward change. We do this through our extensive backgrounds in education, business and community development.

    Marcia E. I Uddoh PhD, MPH, MSW, MA,

    MD (candidate)

    Founder / Board Member

    Dr. Uddoh was a faculty member at the University of Houston, college of education. She received her doctorate developing educational simulations. She served the underserved as a social worker for many years.

    Lulin Yang MBA (candidate)


    Advisory Board Member

    Ms. Lulin Yang is an MBA student. She loves music, travel and anything that is related to finance. She also enjoys helping people and doing works that benefit the community and world!

    Regina Puente BA

    Board Member

    Mrs. Puente has been the manager of a mortgage brokerage firm and with this strong financial background is able to accurately assess the financial scope of our endeavors

    Vickie Birdow BA

    Board Member

    Mrs. Birdow had been the director of this City of Fort Worth Community Center for over 15 years. She successfully managed programs in this low-income community her grandson excelled at our program!

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    We believe our SpirArt Museum is onto something NEW and groundbreaking! If you would like to join our vision to build a better world then do not miss a step as we break into new frontiers. Membership provides you with our project-12 notes and our quarterly newsletter. You also join a NETWORK of members who are Faith in Action Helping Hand (FIAHH), who can help you at your next charitable event!
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    Faith into Action
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    Our best quality Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirt! This style fits well with a great message. And this t-shirt feels softer with every wash - People love this "ultra" important message!
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  • Could you be a Project-12 Volunteer?

    In the Simulated World, you are in a "family" team with those in need.

    Could you help guide your family team toward Success?

    Help others Place Faith into Action!


    SpirArt Museum

    You decide! Join us for an interactive FREE Adult simulation event. You are immersed in our inequitable “Little World,” that actually functions and are challenged to use your faith to change our “Little World” to make it a place of peace and prosperity for ALL!


     We give you the “money,” POWER, rules, and tools. There are clues that you must use WISELY! You join a “family team” of participants who are in poverty from various faiths and ethnic groups. You must collaborate with your team to solve real-life problems.


    Your memorable experience is supported by a growing community, who want to bridge gaps between humans and create a better world! Come to inspire and leave inspired.

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    Faith into Action!

  • Help us Finish our Building

    2012 Mitchell Boulevard, Fort Worth Texas 76105

    God's Little World

    Built in 2005 in need of repair and construction for final inspection.


    Help us Bring the Hope of God's Little World to those in need