• Life Dorms to Stop


    We are building "tiny dorm houses" to house poor pregnant women so they can keep their babies as we guide them to get a college degree!

  • Our "Tiny House" Dorms Can Allow our Poor Students to Build New Lives

    Crown Christ



    We provide free college preparatory courses for our students. Our pregnant female students have the additional opportunity to receive housing for the year while they complete our online courses. Our college preparatory courses allow those at risk to include ex-offenders, a chance to pursue their dreams of a college diploma. Our mentor program is dedicated to supporting our low income and at-risk students throughout college until they successfully graduate with a bachelor degree from their selected college or university!


    Our vision is centered on teaching our students through online courses and service opportunities the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in college and become community leaders. They become competent, responsible students who aspire to use their critical thinking skills to create a better world for tomorrow.


    All Courses and Dorms are Free

    Intro to College

    -Adjusting to college


    -Community Leadership

    -Hope / Faith

    Critical Thinking

    -Approaches to Course Work


    -How to Study




    -Independent Learning

    -Time Management

    -Library Research

    -College Resources





    -Math Basics


    -Writing Basics

    -Test Taking


    -Speech / Diction

    College Tours

    -Students Tour Colleges on our Bus Trips Across USA


    -Student Matched with Mentor for College success

    -Mentor guides on Community Service



    Student guided on financial aid, college choices, essay writing, and SAT

    College Support

    We support our students throughout college until college diploma granted

  • Board of Directors

    We've got a top notch team!

    Marcia Uddoh MD (candidate) PhD, 

    MPH, MSW, MA

    Founder / Board Member

    Former clinical faculty member at the University of Houston, College of Education, department of Curriculum & Instruction.

    Regina Puente BA

    Board Member

    Received Bachelors Degree after 25 years! She is an inspiration to our students.

    Vickie Birdow BA

    Board Member

    Former Director of City of Fort Worth Parks & Recreation Community Center. Her grandchild was a successful student in our school program.

  • How It Works

    Our Students begin where they are; we Match them with our Mentors



    Students complete a simple registration to begin online course



    Student is matched with a mentor to guide them in their journey to college



    Students begin online courses to ensure they are prepared and succeed in college!

  • Our College Preparatory Program

    Volunteer Mentors & College Tours

    Mentor Support for At-Risk and the Poor

    Student In Poverty Enjoy our College Tours Across the USA

    Our program is an online college preparatory program for at-risk youths and pregnant women. We work to prepare our students to succeed through their initiation of college until their graduation. To accomplish this goal, we provide:


    • A curriculum to provide them to become critical thinkers
    • A program that provides them with software to develop their maths and English, writing, and research basic skills,
    • Professional Support to address their emotional and mental ability to address the challenges of a college environment.
    • In addition, we provide logistical support toward college to include completing financial aid, selecting a college
    1. Tours. We offer community trips to college campuses across the country to enable our students to visualize this success!
    2. Mentors. To accomplish these objectives our mentors are key. Our mentors who are our volunteers commit to a minimum of one year to guide our students through the area that they are trained in. For example, our mentors are trained in completing college forms, how to select courses, etc.
    3. Dorms. A unique aspect of our program is that we provide housing for pregnant women who are poor. In this way, we provide the support they need to bring their baby to term. They are also able to receive all the guidance to be able to begin college after their delivery and recovery period.
  • Our Community

    Health Food Store Internships

    Operated by Ex-Offeneders

    (Fall 2021)

    They Earn a Living Wage Income

    While in our College Preparatory Course

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