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    Students from all religions, races, ethnic groups are welcomed and respected

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  • Our Institute Vision

    Our Simulated World Arts Research Laboratory (SWARL) joins people of all faiths, races, ethnic and economic groups toward a common solution: to build a more equitable world! They enter our simulated world and are challenged to works as family teams for the creation of a better world.


    Our institute for indigent students expands our students’ world beyond their poverty as they begin an innovative curriculum centered on research to address issues that can move the world toward equality.

    Research Journal

    Scholarly Mentored Internships

    Students research and write in our scholarly Journal as they do internships on topics guided by leaders in the respective fields. Topics include prison reform, cooperative-living, health reform, employment, organic farmings, and environmental hazards, as some examples. They become impassioned to learn and to think critically.


    Our Journal SilentVoice publishes their findings. Students excel in writing, research, critical thought

    Research Presentations

    Students Present and Empower their Communities

    After students complete an extensive research project extending 6-9 months. They present their findings to the impoverished communities where they live. Organizations such as Toast Masters provide the guidance and skills for students to be articulate forces for change.

    Simulation World Tour Exhibition

    We Travel our Exhibition to Various Venues

    We visit communities where they engage in our dynamic afternoon of our simulated world. They are challenged to place their faith into action for the creation of a more equitable world.

  • We have begun our school outreach program to those in poverty in the Windy City


  • How Institute Works

    A School Dedicated to Change our World toward Equality



    In our Simulated Art Laboratory World students are awakened to how systems in the world perpetuate injustice and inequality.



    In a one-year online curriculum students learn research skills, writing, and statistics. Social science curriculum is project/ community based



    Students complete one-year internship and travel abroad to be guided by scholars in their respective area of interest. Final research presented.

  • Meet our Board Members

    Our multi-skilled team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works to foster deep commitment in our students toward their community as instruments of change. We do this through our extensive backgrounds in education, business and community development.

    Marcia E. I Uddoh PhD, MPH, MSW,

    MD (candidate)

    Founder / Board Member

    Dr. Uddoh was a faculty member at the University of Houston, college of education. With an extensive background in research to include consultancy with the Department of Health in Houston. She is currently completing a Master’s in Clinical Research and an MD.

    Lulin Yang MBA (candidate)

    Advisory Board Member

    Ms. Lulin Yang is an MBA student. She loves music, travel and anything that is related to finance. She also enjoys helping people and doing works that benefit the community and world!

    Regina Puente BA

    Board Member

    Mrs. Puente has been the manager of a mortgage brokerage firm and with this strong financial background is able to accurately assess the financial scope of our endeavors

    Vickie Birdow BA

    Board Member

    Mrs. Birdow had been the director of this City of Fort Worth Community Center for over 15 years. She possessed the managerial and professional skills to successfully guide successful programs targeted toward these low income communities. Mrs. Birdow's grandson excelled at our school!

  • Programs

    Students Place Faith into Action


    We Re-create Social Systems in World

    Our Simulated World Arts Research Laboratory (SWARL). Featured in the Houston Chronicle (see News link above), creates a miniaturized world, which re-creates the inequitable systems found in the real world. Students enter as players and operate the world as family teams. Their mission is to research the inequalities and plan towards solutions. Our wold has a "real" Bank, Employment Agency, Police Force, Country Club, Hospital, Tax Office, Stock Exchange, Art Museum etc.. The arts are utilized to challenge the players to critically think and emerge as independent thinkers. They must place their faith into action.

    Action Research Curriculum

    Students Enter World of Academia

    Our Action Research Academic (ARA) program, provides students with the skills to be able to research topics in their community that are important to them. For example , they may want to research the educational system, the prison industry, healthcare, or race relations as some examples. The program is a one semester commitment and students complete two projects over two semesters. Those who are ages 12 – 25 can participate in this program.


    Mentors Place their Faith into Action

    Our Mentoring Seed (MS) program is for students ages 12 -25. The purpose of the program is to provide youths with exposure to a variety of vocations that they may wish to pursue in life. Our mentoring program is unique because our mentors are individuals in the community who use their occupation to create a better world. There are three successive programs that the youth can engage in a Power Lunch, a Project Support, or a Community Intern position. Each mentoring program is structured and has specific outcome objectives.

    Travel Education

    Mentors Place their Faith into Action

    Our New Horizons Travel (NHT) program offers youths and young adults 5-25 the ability to travel to places outside of their community to expand their horizons. Based on their age and interest, students can engage in positive learning experiences in their community. After the completion of each trip student complete a photo journal diary that relays the important highlights of their experiences, which they upload to our website. This way, others can benefit and learn from their experiences and may be inspired by them.

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