• Faith into Action

    Students from all religions, races, ethnic groups are welcomed and respected

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  • Our Institute Vision

    We are dedicated to focus on the creation of a more equitable world. Our vision of the world is one where people of all races, faiths, ages, classes and ethnic groups can live together in peace and harmony.

    SpirArt Museum Simulation

    We Unite all People

    We re-create a little world that actually works, called “God’s Little World.” People from various walks of life to play our simulation game. They work together to create a better world for everyone!

    Research Curriculum

    We go Onsite to Teach

    Our democratic pedagogy ensures that students are equal partners in the learning process. We go on-site to schools, organizations and clubs and actively engage students in the research process. They explore research topics in their community to solve issues of justice and inequality!

    Research Presentations

    Students Present and Empower their Communities

    Students present their research findings to the communities where they live. Organizations such as Toast Masters provide the guidance and skills for students to be articulate forces for change.

  • Project-12 Flyer

    Project-12 is a unique opportunity for 12 individuals to experience the dynamics of our simulated world in an intimate enlivened short 1-hour game. You will learn the process of the game, the objectives, and the logistics involved to better help you plan for a game event.

  • How Institute Works

    A School Dedicated to Change our World Toward Equality


    SpirArt Museum

    In our Simulated Game Players Learn to be more effective in the world as they place their faith into action to turn our “Little World” into a place of equality.


    Research Curriculum

    Our teachers go onsite to schools and programs to teach our innovative research curriculum. Students learn basic research skills in this highly interactive program.

  • Meet our Board Members

    Our multi-skilled team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works to foster deep commitment in our students toward their community as instruments of change. We do this through our extensive backgrounds in education, business and community development.

    Marcia E. I Uddoh PhD, MPH, MSW, MA Clinical Research Admin

    MD (candidate)

    Founder / Board Member

    Dr. Uddoh was a faculty member at the University of Houston, college of education. She has an extensive background in research with a Master’s in Clinical Research Admin and is an MD candidate.

    Lulin Yang MBA (candidate)


    Advisory Board Member


    Ms. Lulin Yang is an MBA student. She loves music, travel and anything that is related to finance. She also enjoys helping people and doing works that benefit the community and world!

    Regina Puente BA

    Board Member

    Mrs. Puente has been the manager of a mortgage brokerage firm and with this strong financial background is able to accurately assess the financial scope of our endeavors

    Vickie Birdow BA

    Board Member

    Mrs. Birdow had been the director of this City of Fort Worth Community Center for over 15 years. She successfully managed programs in this ow income community her grandson excelled at our school!

  • Programs

    Participants Place Faith into Action

    SpirArt Museum

    We Re-create Social Systems in World

    Our Simulated World Featured in the Houston Chronicle (see News link above), creates a miniaturized world, which re-creates the inequitable systems found in the real world. Players enter and operate the world as family teams. Their mission is to research the inequalities and plan towards solutions. Our wold has a "real" Bank, Employment Agency, Police Force, Country Club, Hospital, Tax Office, Stock Exchange, Art Museum etc.. The arts are utilized to challenge the players to critically think and emerge as independent thinkers. They must place their faith into action.

    Action Research Curriculum

    School and Program Based Research

    Students complete our research-based curriculum where we travel on-site to the respective school or programs. Once there we engage students in our innovative curriculum as part of an after-school or extra-curricular activity. They learn how to conduct research in their community to collect data and complete computer-based statistical analysis. At the completion of the project they write an article in our scholarly journal based on their research findings. They are guided by a mentor in the research field they studied. Topics include: the prison system, the cycle of poverty, health disparities, public education system, environmental hazards, as some examples. They become impassioned to learn and to think critically, but more so to create positive change in their communities.

  • Fundraising

    We have Non-profit 501 (c) (3) IRS status

    Our Major Goals

    Seed Money

    • Complete construction for our building in Texas
    • Buy props for our God's Little World
    • Purchase a van and Cargo trailer for our travelling little world 
    • Invest in the further development of our curriculum for our research projects
    • Purchase software for our research curriculum
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